Our new dispenser line is developed to create a perfect hygienic experience for every user. The functional design suits all kinds of washrooms promoting the ultimate hygiene experience for all washroom visitors. Due to the enhanced surface quality of our products cleaning is effortless, simply by wiping. All our dispensers are easy to service, the translucent parts make it possible to quickly check soap or paper levels, saving time for the cleaning staff.


The appealing, harmonious and modern look of the EDGE dispensers suit every environment. One can choose between clean white or modern black. Due to the large variety of products, choosing the right dispenser has never been easier. Our dispensers are built to last and perform because of their reliability and robust frames.


Due to our driven focus on quality we can succeed in meeting the most strict requirements of our customers. HIS is backed up by a team of very dedicated people (6 languages) with many years of experience in hygiene. We set the highest standards in terms of customer service. During the production process we demand the use of premium quality materials. This enables us to ensure our customers that our dispensers are functional with long lasting values and lifespans.


Together with our customers and partners we contribute to active environmental protection. We dedicate our time providing ethical, efficient, environmentally friendly and economically viable products wherever possible. We strive to use only socially responsible materials. Our customers are encouraged to avoid unnecessary waste. Therefore our dispensers sparingly consume paper and soap. Edge dispensers are made from recycled materials.