HIS - Hygiene Innovation Systems is an expert in the field of washroom hygiene. HIS is backed up by a team of very dedicated people with many years of experience in hygiene. HIS leads its own product development in different locations where products are produced under license. With a strategically located, state of the art warehouse in Belgium, HIS is the distribution platform for worldwide renowned innovative manufacturers in mainly Europe, the Middle- and Far East and North America.

New product: Urinal Active Screen

We are pleased to be the first to introduce our new product, the Urinal Active Screen.

In addition to a high-quality perfume and anti-splash function, this screen also has a descaling and cleaning effect deep down into the drain.

It eliminates bad odours, often the core of the problem.


The Active Screen is available in 3 high quality perfumes!

Mango _ Ocean Mist _ Grapefruit

Are you interested? Please let us know, we will gladly offer it to you.