HIS - Hygiene Innovation Systems is an expert in the field of washroom hygiene. HIS is backed up by a team of very dedicated people with many years of experience in hygiene. HIS leads its own product development in different locations where products are produced under license. With a strategically located, state of the art warehouse in Belgium, HIS is the distribution platform for worldwide renowned innovative manufacturers in mainly Europe, the Middle- and Far East and North America.

New product: EDGE LOGICGERM Surface Cleaner - 6 x 1000ml - Spray Pump

Surface Antiseptic for cleaning surfaces

Many front objects that are touched by the hand, such as door handles, handrails, table tops, chair backs, kitchen worktops, tools and toilet seat. Also applicable for interior surfaces such as kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, freez- ers, etc. A hygienic solution with a low alcohol content, making it extremely suitable for delicate materials. Effective against bacteria, fungi, yeast, also multi-resistant germs, common viruses such as corona viruses (SARS), herpes simplex, influenza viruses such as bird flu (HSN1), swine flu (H1N1), also effective against HBV, HIV, HCV, etc..